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Why Will Developers Cancel Timeshare Contracts?

At Resort Advisory Group, we hear from hundreds of people who want to cancel
their timeshare contracts. Although we listen to everyone, we can only work with a
client if we’re certain that the developer will cancel the contract and all expenses
associated with the timeshare. Since we provide our clients with a 100% guarantee
for a successful resolution, we’re extremely prudent about which clients we accept.
We can’t represent everyone. We provide a free consultation to everyone, but we’re
slow to take on a new case.

When we agree to take a case for someone who wants to cancel a timeshare
contract, however, we act quickly to bring a favorable resolution.

Really quickly!

Only principals—or courts—can cancel timeshare contracts. Yet developers may not
know when their representatives make fraudulent misrepresentations during the
sales cycle. When our team of specialists, analysts, and attorneys build a strong case,
the developer will recognize those misrepresentations. Since developers know that
state laws prohibit fraudulent misrepresentations during the sales cycle—making
them illegal—the developers happily review the strong cases our attorneys present.

Developers know that our team members at Resort Advisory Group do not bring
frivolous cases. That’s why our service agreements specify that our clients will have
their contracts terminated quickly. If a developer refuses to cancel a timeshare
contract for one of our clients, we will bear the costs completely. We refund all fees
a client has paid us to perform the laborious, time-consuming. Fortunately, we’ve
never had to return a client’s fee—because we’ve been successful at bringing all of
our clients the favorable resolution they wanted: Termination of the timeshare

Developers know that Resort Advisory Group has an exceptional track record of
success. Rather than confront the litigation that we’re prepared to launch, whether
it’s a class action lawsuit, or an individual civil suite, developers do the right thing.
It’s in their best interest.

If you want to cancel your timeshare contract, and you’re getting the runaround
from your developer, contact Resort Advisory Group at 1-800-844-5992 for a free