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Taking Over Timeshares

There are so many reasons people end up wanting to cancel their timeshares. One of them is the consequences that follow when investors start taking over timeshares.

Let me be clear, at Resort Advisory Group, we are not indicting every salesperson who works in the industry. Nor are we indicting all investors taking over timeshares. With that disclosure out of the way, we have to address the troubling reality that some sales reps are known for making false statements in their sales presentation. What is equally is frustrating is how some developers go about their business.

As our reviews prove, everyday we help devastated people who were sucked into buying a timeshare get their lives back on track. That includes helping those who timeshare contracts seemingly changed due to “policy” changes after an investor took over the timeshare.

Why can be it a bad thing when investors start taking over timeshares? We have the answer.

1: The investor wants to make more money and justify the purchase: One way they do this is by demanding higher maintenance fees from owners.
2: More aggressive sales practices: To make more money they will encourage exisiting owners to buy updgrats, and in so doing, sell those upgrades at big interest rates. Guess who wins? That is correct, the investor not the timeshare owner.
3: And more. Many more, but in the interest of time, I will stop here. Call us for a free call to stop this nightmare at once.

If you would to learn more about how we can help, or just vent about your horrific experience, we are here. We know the pain. We want to help you.

What Can Happen When Investors Start Taking Over Timeshares?

What Can Happen When Investors Start Taking Over Timeshares?

Never forget if we do not successfully cancel your timeshare, you pay nothing. Is 30 minutes worth learning how you can finally hold your developer accountable? If the answer is yes, call us at 844-493-5542.