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Timeshare Selling

At Resort Advisory Group, we hear from people who ask about options other than
canceling the timeshare contract. We understand their frustration.

People who attend timeshare presentations easily get caught up in the hype. The
excitement can be contagious. People describe how they would join in the clapping
and cheering and congratulating when strangers took action and “invested” in the
timeshare. Although people frequently attend timeshare presentations with
intention of receiving free gifts promised by the promotion, within the first hour
they find themselves being swayed by persuasive sales pitches. Before leaving, some
sign contracts obligating them to thousands of dollars in expenditures each year.

After they come back to their senses, some of those people want out. They realize
that the timeshare didn’t deliver for them and they expected from the deal.
Unfortunately, developers mislead them into believing there isn’t any way to cancel
the timeshare contract. The only way out, the developer says, is to sell the

But a simple review on the eBay website reveals a great about the after market for
. Countless advertisements show timeshares available for $1. Yet even for
$1, none of those timeshare ads show any bidders.

And why not?

Well, people who are not being manipulated by high-pressure sales agents have the
good sense to recognize that timeshares are not an “investment.” Indeed, owning a
timeshare brings an ongoing expense that can last for generations. Besides the
expense, people who purchase the timeshare have a difficult time reserving the
condominium they want to use during their vacation times. For that reason, an
aftermarket doesn’t exist for timeshares. The ongoing expenses will eat away at an
individual’s budget—which is why we help people who want to cancel their
timeshare contracts.

If you’re tired of paying high fees associated with a timeshare that does not live up
to the hype of the sales presentation, then contact Resort Advisory Group at 1-844-