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Sometimes the stories I hear make me cry. Literally.

Earlier today, I received a call from an elderly couple who was convinced (duped really) to buy a timeshare. To help make the close many years ago, the salesmen offered them free gifts, including a fancy dinner and expensive bottles of wine. Essential facts, like exactly how maintenance fees worked, were left out of the presentation.

Were you a victim of timeshare fraud?

Were you a victim of timeshare fraud?

As we know too well, this elderly couple is not the first to get tricked into buying a timeshare. Millions of people a year get tricked into buying a timeshare. It starts with a presentation, then free gifts, then the aggressive close. The result is signed contracts good people feel stuck with.

On our call, I learned this couple invested in this timeshare nearly four years ago. I also learned they were victims of timeshare fraud.

When they signed up, they thought their maintenance fees would be about $500 a year. Of course, since then they have moved to north of $1,000 a year. It will only continue to go higher.

Their contract makes them feel as if there is no way out–they cannot even give it away, because no one wants those growing maintenance fees. Hard to blame them.

I am Edward with Resort Advisory Group. I am just one of the many members on our team who work as an advocate for good people who have been duped into buying a timeshare. All of us at Resort Advisory Group strive to help those who have been taken advantage of. There are too many stories like the one I described above.

We are proudly a consumer advocacy group to help people who have fallen victim to timeshare fraud. We have put together a team of specialists and attorneys who help people end their timeshare obligations, legally.

Put simply, if you have been misled and want out, we can help you. In future articles, I will write more about our process. For now, just know options exist.

To learn more, call us at 844-493-5992 . You will receive an absolutely free assessment of your case.

Thank you,
Edward Franz

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