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Vacation Like You Want

At Resort Advisory Group, our teams assists disgruntled owners of timeshares. They
should be able to vacation the way they want. Unfortunately, when we first begin
working with those timeshare owners, they express frustrations. Rather than
enjoying vacations, they feel burdened by obligations to the developer.

The owners describe how they were misrepresented during a presentation. Those
misrepresentations led them to sign contracts under false pretenses. The contracts
required them to pay fees that they couldn’t afford, and they were paying for a
product that they didn’t want. Our customers wanted to cancel their obligations to
the timeshare developer.

Our team has developed a process to assist people that wanted to cancel timeshare
contracts. We’ve used our strategy effectively since we started our company. As our
A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and numerous testimonials show, the
people who work with us are extremely happy with the service we provide. By
freeing themselves from all financials to the timeshare developer, our customers
have restored a sense of peace and balance to their lives.

Before our clients begin working with us officially, we conduct a series of free
consultations. During those consultations, we document all of the
misrepresentations and allegations of impropriety during the sales or ownership
process. By gathering a series of those complaints, we become more effective as
consumer advocates. The attorneys that join our efforts rely upon those
misrepresentations to make compelling cases to cancel the timeshare contracts.
Rather than confronting the allegations about all of the misrepresentations, the
developers do the right thing. They cancel the timeshare contracts. In some cases,
the developers even refund money that our clients previously paid.

We’re a resource for any timeshare owner that wants to cancel a timeshare
. During our free consultation, we’ll determine whether we’re a good fit to
work together. Since only a party to a contract or a court of law can cancel the
agreement, we need to be scrupulous about which clients we accept. Yet if we take
on a case, our Service Agreement provides a 100% guarantee: either the developer
will cancel the contract, or we refund all fees paid for our services.

Call 1-844-493-5992 and our team at Resort Advisory Group will begin working on
your behalf.