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Our team at Resort Advisory Group assists people if they feel that a timeshare
developer manipulated them into signing a contract. Many times, those people tell
appalling stories. We understand why they want to cancel timeshare contracts.

When we connect with a client, we always begin by listening to their story about
how the developer misrepresented the timeshare. For example, Susan described her
experience. She told us that she attended a timeshare presentation after receiving a
flyer in the mail. The brochure offered Susan a “free mini vacation” if she attended
the presentation.

That seemed like the start of a misrepresentation. A “free mini vacation” would not
come attached with a condition of attending a presentation. Nevertheless, Susan
believed the value proposition made sense. According to the brochure, the
presentation was only going to last 45 minutes. In the end, she said that she was
bombarded with manipulative selling techniques. The timeshare sales rep promised
all types of deliverables if she would purchase a timeshare.

After four hours, Susan capitulated. By signing her name on the contract, she
obligated herself to pay a debt that she didn’t fully understand. Contrary to what the
sales rep explained, the debt was recorded on her credit report and she would need
to pay annual maintenance fees that continued to escalate.

Since Susan didn’t understand the terms of the contract, Susan said that the
developer jeopardized her financial stability. That was bad enough. The timeshare
became worse, however, when she realized that the timeshare unit wasn’t available
for her when she wanted to vacation. Susan’s job only allowed her to vacation
during peak times of the year when millions of other people wanted to vacation.
When she tried to make reservations, the developer told her that the timeshare she
purchased was only available during off-season times. Then the developer offered
her an “upgrade.”

Susan felt betrayed by the developer. When the sales rep made the presentation, he
didn’t make any mention of timeshare seasons. At Resort Advisory Group, our team
of consumer advocates assists people who want to cancel timeshare contracts. If you
want a free consultation, contact Resort Advisory Group today: 1-844-493-5922.