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Timeshare Reservations

At Resort Advisory Group, people tell us they want to cancel timeshare contracts
because the condos are never available when they want. During the sales
presentation, the reps promised easy accessibility. Unfortunately, owners who work
with our team complained about challenges they faced when making timeshare

We spoke with Cindy, an owner who wanted to cancel her timeshare contract. To
help, one of our specialists asked Cindy why she wanted to cancel.

“I’m just tired of dealing with all the manipulations,” Cindy said.

In order to help, we asked Cindy to elaborate on the ways that the timeshare
the developer was manipulating her.

Cindy explained that when she purchased the timeshare, she was able to use the
unit on a schedule that suited her. Since then, a large, publicly traded corporation
took over the ownership. With the change in ownership, she said that she no longer
had as much access. To reserve the unit she wanted, Cindy explained that she would
need to make her reservation at 6:00 am, precisely 13 months before the time that
she wanted to use the condominium.

“That type of elaborate scheduling just doesn’t work for me,” she said. “Since I didn’t
purchase the timeshare with expectations that I would need to plan vacations 13
months in advance, I feel as though the developer misrepresented the timeshare. My
prices continue to rise, but I’m not getting the benefit that I was promised.”

Many people who contact us for guidance on how they can cancel their timeshare
contracts express similar frustrations. Their lives are not so flexible that they can
predict whether they will be available for a vacation 13 months in advance. Family
obligations or work schedules require families to be more flexible with when they’re
going to vacation. If an opportunity opens, they want to seize the initiative and enjoy
vacation time with loved ones.

Timeshare contracts bring headaches without much benefit when the timeshares
require so much advance planning.

“Ironically,” Cindy elaborated, “the timeshare obligation means that we have to pay
high maintenance fees for a product that we can’t use. Since we’re paying thousands
in those fees each year, we’re not able to vacation when the time suits us.”

If you’re burdened with a timeshare contract that differs from what you expected
during the sales presentation, contact Resort Advisory Group at 1-844-493-5992.
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