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At Resort Advisory Group, our team routinely speaks with timeshare owners
expressing frustration. They want to cancel timeshare contracts because the
timeshare didn’t meet expectations. When they attended the presentation, a
sales rep assured our clients that purchasing a timeshare was akin to investing in
real estate. As a real estate investment, the sales rep indicated excellent
prospects for the timeshare to appreciate in value.

One of our clients told us that the timeshare rep that pressured him to buy
paraphrased the famous actor Will Rogers’ line: You’ve got to buy more real
estate. It’s a great investment because they’re not making any more of it.

But timeshares differed from traditional real estate investments. Any investment
required due diligence. People who advised on investments should have
credentials and licenses that authenticated their expertise.

Although we’re not registered investment advisors, we can look online and see
that people advertise timeshares for sale on websites every day. People can
purchase those timeshares for as little as one penny.

Since we don’t see much real estate available for a penny, it would seem that
timeshares differed from real estate investments. Over time, good real estate
investments brought substantial returns. They provided great rental income, tax
benefits, and upside appreciation.

We rarely saw such benefits for people who purchased timeshares. When our
team spoke with people that wanted to cancel timeshare contracts, many of them
expressed frustration. Those owners told our team how the timeshare rep
manipulated their buying decisions. They would not have purchased the
timeshare if they had understood that rather than appreciating in value, the
timeshare would come with escalating maintenance fees. Had they known they
could purchase the timeshare online for a penny, they never would have

If you feel that a sales rep manipulated you into purchasing a timeshare, contact
our team at Resort Advisory Group. During the free consultations, our team will
help you understand options. If the developer doesn’t cancel your obligation on
the timeshare, you will not pay a penny for our services. Call 1-844-493-5922.