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In general, the traveling industry is everyone’s go-to option and offers a wide range of possibilities that change from time to time, enticing traveling evangelists. The concept of timeshares may sound alluring and enable people to experience a quality holiday, but many different types of timeshare ownership need to be understood. 

There is often difficulty in navigating through the multiple timeshare options, and hence more effort is required to understand every contract. You can be swayed by the thoughtful marketing effort or thirsty sales teams.

These contracts can widely vary and can also be a blend of two. Let’s have a closer look at a few of the basic types of timeshares:

Fixed timeshares

This type of timeshare is highly traditional and allows the owner to spend time within the resort for a set amount of days or a week throughout the year. It is the same for every owner. Multiple timeshare calendars can tell you about the time your week falls on for every given year.

It is very similar to wining a property, but you can only access it for a limited amount of time. The drawback with this type of contract is that it does not provide flexibility to the owners, leading to monotony. 

Floating timeshares units

This too, offers only a limited period of stay to the owners, but there are no specifications on which week of the season will be allowed to access the property. The owner can choose the season and visit on the available week, giving the owner a sense of flexibility.

To serve the needs of travelers who wish to own a timeshare, Floating timeshares provide an excellent option. Still, the drawback here is that good locations within this contract are rarely available. If the owner decides to visit the property, they can only do on available slots, which may not align well with the owner’s expectations.

Floating timeshare is also at times surrounded by shareholders who already fix prime slots according to their needs. As captivating as the sales deal may sound, as an owner, you always need to ask for proof from your salesperson on the availability of dates.

Right To Use (RTU)

Also called “Leased Resort” This type of timeshare allows you to use the property for a few years, which is mentioned in the contract, and then the property is again reverted to the owner. Meanwhile, you have this property in your hand, you can do anything with it, but the expiration date remains the same.

This timeshare purchase contract is not perpetual, but the owners will be required to cover taxes, maintenance fees, and assessment costs. This type of contract has a term of 10, 15, or 25 years.

Points Club Timeshare Memberships

timeshare exit reviews

This type of membership has made headlines every time as timeshare developers and sales teams have exploited it. What is so different about Timeshare Point Membership? 

That gives the owner the ability to stay at multiple locations with the total point they have accumulated. The points here act as a currency that can be earned by purchasing contracts on the secondary market or buying them directly from the club program of resorts.

Rotational Timeshare Units

As mentioned earlier, many types of timeshares can have a blend of two. Rotational timeshare possess the benefits of floating and fixed timeshares, allowing the owner to stay at the property either backward or forwards on the calendar.

Deeded timeshare ownership

Commonly known as fee simple, this kind of timeshare allows the owner to get a deed for the week that they own. It is recorded with the local government. The benefit of the deeded timeshare ownership is that it is easier to sell or transfer.

Knowing concepts of timeshares can be extremely overwhelming as there are multiple options available. Buying a large chunk of a timeshare can make you highly susceptible to the predatory agencies lurking around in the industry.

Be it any timeshare policy. They are hard to exit without a company’s help; however, researching or reading about timeshare exit reviews is ideal for selecting the right company like Resort Advisory Group.

What Can Be The Loopholes In The Timeshare Agreement?

It is highly recommended to read timeshare exit reviews to understand how few of the companies are helping people release a load of timeshares from their shoulders. There is no denying that the timeshare contracts are curated in such a way that they tie people forever with them, but here mentioned are a few of the loopholes that you can review and find an easy way out.

  • Understand Rescission Period:

Many countries have different laws on rescission that may vary from 3 to 14 days and are usually mentioned in the starting or the ending of the contract. This is the time when you, as an owner, can cancel your timeshare contract and get a full refund.

  • Deed Buy-Back Programs

Many bug resorts offer these programs, but sadly they are not very introduced in the sales pitch. This program means that you can sell your contracts back to the resort if you have your mortgage balance paid off and you are current on all your bills. 

But before taking this step, you need to talk to the respective resort and see if they have the program still available.

It is no doubt that the timeshare industry is riddled with falsifications, and you can easily succumb to the salesperson pitch. The timeshare industry has significantly changed in 2 decades, and looking for loopholes is not as easy as it sounds. 

It is ideal that instead of taking the pain yourself, you hire a timeshare exit company like Resort Advisory Group or research on timeshare exit reviews to get a clear understanding of what will be best for you. 

Why is it convenient to choose a timeshare exit company? Over the past few years, these companies have come up with ways that can ease the pain of timeshare contract owners, and they understand how the cognition of timeshare resort developers works. 

American Resort Development Association (Arda) World For Timeshares Owners

In the beginning, the timeshare industry was heavily unregulated that helped predatory agencies to thrive immensely. The inception of ARDA happened in the 1970s, and since then, the wing is helping timeshare owners and advocating for a rescission period and escrow for purchaser funds.

However, it is widely believed that the “Responsible Exit” program is a fraud as the roll out of 2018 responsible exits brings forward the intent of the timeshare industry that is not providing long-time owners with an easy pathway to exit the timeshare contract. Responsible Exit promotes up-selling owners to buy more travel club points that the owners will never use.

If you are wondering who are the major players in the industry of timeshares, here is one of the latest updates on what you should know about the industry as a whole.

Timeshare Mergers: consolidations, acquisitions, and mergers happen in almost every industry, and in today’s era, the timeshare industry is no exception. Recently Marriott (an American multinational company that operates, franchises, and licenses lodging, including hotels) acquired ILG (global publicly traded company and a parent company of Interval Internation, provider of membership and leisure services), which means that now the vacation exchange network will be more extensive than ever. The legacy of the brand chain will continue as more prominent brands will take over the smaller ones.

How A Timeshare Exit Company Like Resort Advisory Group Can Help?

timeshare exit reviews

In the beginning, when you are only able to see the perks associated with timeshare contracts, it may seem the right option to buy one. Everyone likes a spot to spend their vacation. Still, once you have agreed to sign a timeshare contract, you understand that the basic nitty-gritty that was earlier never mentioned by the agencies or the salesperson.

The question, in that case, is, what should one do to find a way out? It’s simple to hire a timeshare exit company after proper research like Resort Advisory Group, which supports their clients by providing a legal representative. The attorneys will always be in your favor and try to understand your case thoroughly without charging any upfront consultation fees.

Having a legal representative at your side is highly beneficial as they can bar any debt collectors from constantly calling you, and you get enough room to speak your thoughts about the resort. Hiring an agency will be beneficial as the timeshare contract you signed earlier was written by no one else but lawyers, making it almost impossible for you to find loopholes in it. Persuasion is the skill that timeshare exit companies have mastered upon as many timeshare contracts can end on negotiation. 

While many companies will vouch for releasing you from the agreements without any hassle, they end up draining you financially constantly. This is why reading timeshare exit reviews is important. Companies like Resort Advisory Group are 100% committed to you and comes with an escrow policy that means you only pay them once you are finally out of the contract. This saves yours as well as companies time to help other people with similar issues.