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A lawyer from Indiana contacted us today. A client of his wanted the lawyer to
complete some due diligence on our company, Resort Advisory Group. The lawyer
asked whether Resort Advisory Group listed or sold timeshares. As a consumer
advocacy group, we explained that we assisted clients who suffered because of
fraudulent misrepresentations during the timeshare sales presentation. We assisted
their efforts if they wanted to cancel the timeshare contract, but we didn’t work to
sell timeshares.

Timeshare Cancellation

Understandably, the lawyer wanted to know how Resort Advisory Group could
assist people that wanted to cancel a timeshare contract. Developers, he said, had
solid contracts. Those developers told his client that the rescission period had
ended. In other words, as far as the lawyer was concerned, the client didn’t have a
way out.

Resort Advisory Group had strength in numbers. Our marketing strategy brought
our company to the attention of thousands of people that spoke with our specialists.
If those misrepresentations violated the Consumer Protection Act or other laws, our
team of experts would accept the case.

Resort Advisory Group cannot take every case. We only accept cases if our team
agrees that we can succeed in delivering the results the customer wanted. If Resort
Advisory Group accepts a client’s case, and the team that reviewed the
misrepresentations had a strong inclination that the developer would recognize the
misrepresentations and cancel the timeshare contract.

Resort Advisory Group has an advantage because of the strength in numbers. When
a single person approached a developer, the developer would be reluctant to cancel
the contract. Developers know that timeshare owners have high credit scores and
they’re honorable people. Developers count on those contracts as steady
receivables. When Resort Advisory Group approaches a developer, however, it
bundles many cases together. By showing patterns of misrepresentation, the team at
Resort Advisory Group is in a stronger position. Developers are therefore more
willing to cancel the timeshare contract.

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