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Resort Advisory Group is a full-time service advocacy group that resolves timeshare contracts for clients legally. With that being said, they also hire experienced attorneys that are set to resolve issues briskly by thoroughly assessing a thin line in the timeshare contracts.

Claiming to streamline the process of timeshare resolution, what makes the services of Resort Advisory Group more eligible is that they offer a no-obligation consultation free of charge and allows the attorney to understand the depths of your case in a better way.

The timeshare sale market was made on a platform that aimed at promoting ownership among people but slowly and steadily, the market started to crumble. Now it has become a mission for many timeshare resolution services, including Resort Advisory Group, to provide feasible solutions, win customer’s trust and ascertain a competitive edge amidst the growing scams.

Having a tremendous success rate in the industry, the client testimonials at Resort Advisory Group are commendable. They are rigorous when it comes to following all the norms to streamline hassles that their clients have been facing.

Possessing a range of highly skilled representatives, the company is set to supersede expectations after thorough consultation with seasoned advocates. It is not unusual that many clients are skeptical before taking up services; hence the Resort Advisory Group has you covered with their FAQ section, which focus on everything related to timeshares.

Canceling timeshares is becoming easy and possible with the Resort Advisory Group. The company will indeed remove all obligations from your shoulders. What allures most of the customers at Resort Advisory Group is the feature called “Calculator” that will let you know the actual cost of your timeshares in a snap!

Located in Irvine, California, The Resort Advisory Group demonstrates a track record of major pioneering cases and getting into the nerves of timeshare issues to eradicate it.

What Should You Know About Timeshares?

If you have already signed the timeshare contract after being manipulated by the salesperson, then you need to understand

Before buying a timeshare, you are promised many things by the salesperson because they are getting a commission out of it so that they will be anything but true to you. The accurate statement is that timeshare contracts will not live up to the expectations that you have set. Let’s understand and take a closer look at what should one know about timeshares:

Timeshares Are Expensive

Many costs will be involved if you are planning to sign the contract, first comes the upfront cost that depends entirely on the quality of location, which comes with a yearly maintenance fee coupled with expenses to keep the property well maintained.

It is also widely observed that the fees tend to increase yearly, and if there is an unexpected repair, you are entitled to pay for it. Additionally, it should be noted that the interest rates on loans to buy a timeshare is relatively high. There are many ways to purchase a timeshare affordable if you are planning to do so, like finding it on a secondary market with current timeshare owners instead of developers.

Timeshares are not easily liquidated and attract long-term maintenance costs, which attacks an extensive evaluation.

They Are Not For Vacationing And Cause Stress

Many people want to buy timeshares because they believe they will have a place to go for a vacation trip, but it is not valid. As per the terms and conditions, your contract will not allow you to stay on your chosen dates; instead, it will give you a slot that will not align well with your expectations, including the fact that you will only have one place to go for every vacation.

As already stated, several hidden costs are not communicated proactively in the very beginning. The primary reason that timeshare cause a lot of stress is because of the unknown costs, a manipulative salesperson who is ready to make the process tedious, and complicated scheduling

Instead of purchasing timeshares upfront, you can choose several other options to enjoy your vacations and not fret about the log bills poking on your shoulders

Not An Investment Property

If you think that you will be able to easily sell off your timeshare at a reasonable price, you are wrong! Fractional ownerships drive the concept of timeshares, and it is an illiquid asset that will lose its value over time.

It is simple, investments generate an income for you, but timeshares do not do that; instead, the burden you with many other charges that you cannot contemplate. In most cases, timeshares give you an option to use a vacation property for one week each year

Respect Your Time and Choose A Company

While you are standing at a beautiful beach house and enjoying the ocean breeze as the salesperson is luring you into signing that contract, you are obviously fascinated by it and ready to seal the deal. But as you are progressing, there’s a lot surrounding you related to the property that’s hard to cope with. Just at the moment when you decide that it’s time for you to step out of the agreement, act in a minute and choose a company like Resort Advisory Group because canceling a timeshare is an intense process and it needs to be canceled legally.

Trusted attorneys at the Resort Advisory group will save your time and energy. They will act as an ally at your side and will release you from the contract after understanding the “jargon” profusely used within. They will not only understand the essence of the document but also capture the loopholes that can be leveraged.

There are times that salespersons can play multiple tactics once they are aware of the cancellation. An attorney by your side will keep any manipulation at bay, and no timeshare company can shackle you.

How does Resource Advisory Group create a free timeshare resolution strategy (200)

Being a full-service advocacy group, they have thorough experience of 50 years with A+ accreditation from Better Business Bureau. What’s significant about the company is that they provide a free consultation initially and offer an “escrow service” which means that you cannot pay the Resort Advisory Group until you are entirely out of the timeshare contracts.

Having a 7 step procedure ensures a top-notch service and a specialist who will look after your case, understand the obligations, and know what is different in your case. After this, the advisor will come up with feasible solutions, after which the team begins the process and shares the letter of liability to the developer.

As the persuasion with the developer begins, the team is 100% committed to your contract and updates you about every stage involved.

What Happens If You Decide To Walk Away From Your Timeshare?

The answer to this is that you cannot decide and refuse to pay your annual dues as the timeshare company can report all your unpaid dues to the credit agencies, causing a bad credit score. Simply walking away will add to your headache and put you in more debt.

Depending on the resort’s policies within your timeshare contract, the timeshare owners can return their ownership through a repurchase program only if stated in the agreement. There is also an offer called “right to first refusal” which means that your timeshare contract can specify that the timeshare company must get the first opportunity to buy your timeshares before you put it in front for a broader market.

How Do They Spearhead Consultation And What Do Clients Have To Say About Resort Advisory Group

Timeshare Salesmen can be manipulative and push you into a decision that you don’t want to make.

Many people can misunderstand Resort Advisory Group as a law firm, but it is not. The main motive of the respective company is to look out for any misinterpretation in the contracts provided by the clients and leverage them further.

When it comes to the pricing policy of Resort Advisory Group, they cannot provide an accurate rate until they complete their due diligence on your case, which solves a lot of your problems and saves a lot of your money.

As per the client testimonials of Resort Advisory Group augments the credibility for the organization. Many skeptical timeshare owners are unaware of the true cost of their ownership after a few years; as many timeshare companies do not convey this factor during the sales presentation. This is where a timeshare calculator comes in handy; it provides a total cost over the next 30 years based on average maintenance fees.

Also, most people are not aware that they are signing a contract in perpetuity which means that they are in it for life, causing trouble for their heirs. While many types of timeshares, including Fixed-week timeshare, Floating-week timeshare, and point system timeshare, provide multiple offers to the owners and promote less rigidity, what can be taken into consideration is that they are difficult to sell. Unlike other resolution companies convincing you to stay a little longer in the agreement that benefits them, Resort Advisory Group provides you with much simpler options, no upfront fees, and a commitment throughout.