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According to Fox News about 8 percent of all US Households in the US own a
timeshare. The $70 billion industry continues to grow.

At Resort Advisory Group, our team works on behalf of people who feel betrayed by
the timeshare industry. They purchased the timeshare with hopes of building and
celebrating memories. Yet soon after they signed the contract, they learned that the
representative misled them. Instead of receiving the promise of paradise, our clients
have told us how their timeshare became an expensive headache. They began
working with us because they wanted relief.

No one likes being misled and deceived during a presentation. When timeshare reps
use deception to lure people into purchasing timeshare obligations, they violate
people’s trust. It isn’t right to promise people that they’ll “save” thousands when the
reality is that timeshares deteriorate in value and cost people tens of thousands of
dollars. To make matters worse, some developers finance that debt at extortionate
interest rates. No one can enjoy “paradise” when they’ve been deceived by
fraudulent misrepresentations.

If you want to cancel your timeshare contract because the timeshare developer
misrepresented the benefits that you anticipated receiving, then you should explore
options. To educate yourself on consumer protection laws, you may want to review
the laws in your state. As a start, take a look at the information we made available on
our website at Resort Advisory Group.

Don’t allow a bad decision you made on an impulse to drag you down. If you’ve
purchased a timeshare contract that you now regret, and you want to cancel your
timeshare contract, then call our specialists at Resort Advisory Group. Our team has
extensive experience with all aspects of the timeshare industry. We work to gather
data about misrepresentations and present our findings to developers. Those
developers will cancel your timeshare contract, or we will refund all fees associated
with our service agreement.