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At Resort Advisory Group, we know that a timeshare contract is a binding, legal document. Yet
that doesn’t mean that the contract will stand the test of time. We assist people who want to
cancel their timeshare contracts. In truth, only the parties to a contract or a court of law can
cancel a contract. But our team of experts can help.

Timeshare companies mislead people into believing that no one can cancel a timeshare
contract. The lobbyists and public relations people that represent timeshare developers
perpetuate this myth.

Yet laws provide opportunities to cancel contracts for a number of reasons. Two reasons
include fraud and deception during the sales process.

When a contract burdens a person, one party can “terminate” the contract for many reasons.
Don’t take our word for it. Anyone can research The Uniform Commercial Code 2106 (4). That
law offers a number of remedies for people who want to cancel contracts.

The law of our land holds that a breach of contract may result in one party being released from
the obligations of the contract. Timeshare developers offer an absurd argument when they say
that a timeshare owner is bound by the contract forever. If the developer used fraudulent
misrepresentations to lure a person into a contract, the other party may have remedies
available that include cancelling the contract. We encourage people to do their research, and to
seek guidance from qualified professionals.

As stated in the “laws” section of our website, most states have a rescission period when it
comes to timeshare contracts. During that rescission period, timeshare owners can cancel their
contracts. When owners exercise their rights in accordance with the law, developers may be
required to refund the deposit.

Once the right of rescission period passes, it’s a bit more difficult to cancel a contract. But don’t
believe that it’s impossible to cancel a timeshare contract.

Our team at Resort Advisory Group employs a number of strategies to help people who want to
cancel their timeshare contracts. When developers face the unwelcome prospect of litigation,
or media attention brought to their unfair and manipulative sales processes, many of those
developers will agree to cancel the timeshare contract.

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