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Manipulations into a Timeshare Contract While on Honeymoon

At Resort Advisory Group, our team works for the many people who need help
canceling their timeshare contracts. The story that David and Alycia tell about their
timeshare nightmare shows why people need help.

While on a honeymoon where they expected to build memories that would last a
lifetime, a timeshare salesperson manipulated them. The manipulation began with a
promise of some money they could apply toward a free meal. To claim their “gift,”
they were supposed to attend a presentation on an amazing opportunity to invest in
a timeshare.

Like many people who reach out to our specialists and analysts looking for help in
canceling their timeshares, Alycia and David talk about how a team of sales people
misled them. A video testimony Alycia and David made reveals their horrific
experience. Although the first person who pitched them on the “opportunity”
assured them the presentation would only last 90 minutes, they felt trapped in the
presentation for 11 hours. Timeshare sales reps told so many lies that David and
Alycia said they couldn’t even count them all. Feeling beaten and exhausted, they
said that they signed the contract just to get away.

The best way to avoid ever having to use Resort Advisory Group services is to avoid
the high-pressure timeshare sales presentations. Those presentations frequently
ensnare people like Alycia and David. When the reps talk about the urgency of
signing immediately, remember that in reality, there’s never any urgency with a
timeshare sale. Indeed, timeshare developers sell access to their condominiums in
50-share increments. As an example, consider a development with 100
condominiums, each being sold 50 times. The typical developer will sell more than
5,000 units. When our team succeeds in helping clients cancel timeshare contracts,
the developer simply takes the previously sold timeshare and sells it again. An
honest timeshare developer wouldn’t allow sales professionals to manipulate
people into believing that they had to act “immediately.”

Purchases that obligate families to pay tens of thousands of dollars require time to
assess. Yet many timeshare salespeople mislead people. They tell them about easy
financing, opening multiple credit lines, and all the so-called benefits
that come with timeshare sales.

When unethical timeshare salespeople manipulate people into debt obligations,
they may be violating laws that prohibit fraudulent misrepresentations. Call 1-844-
493-5992 if you would like a free consultation with the specialists at Resort
Advisory Group.