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Is it difficult to cancel a timeshare?

At Resort Advisory Group, prospective clients ask whether it’s difficult to cancel a timeshare
contract. The short answer to that question is yes. Although we’re not lawyers and we do not
offer legal advice, we’d like to offer some reasons.

A large body of laws exist to support all contracts. Simple research shows that contracts are
valid when parties satisfy four elements.

       1. One party must make an offer.
       2. The other party must agree to accept the offer.
       3. The offer must include valid consideration.
       4. The parties that sign the contract must have the capacity to agree to the offer—in other
            words, they must have the right to sign.

Timeshare developers go to great lengths to protect their investments. They have had teams of
lawyers review their contracts. And anyone who signs a timeshare contract knows that the
contracts are filled with pages of fine print.

When timeshare sales reps pressure people into signing, they gloss over all of that fine print,
leaving the consumer with insufficient amounts of time to understand what they’re signing. Yet
when sales reps deploy their high-pressure sales tactics, representatives of the timeshare
developer mislead consumers. They say that the contract doesn’t contain anything but
boilerplate language to satisfy the lawyers, and that the representative will personally look
after the client.

When consumers unwittingly sign those timeshare contracts, and initial on every page,
developers have a steady stream of cash receivables they can count on. Those contracts
sometimes charge interest on the balances owed, and that interest rate routinely exceeds 12
percent per year—even though lending rates at banks are at historic lows. The developers
frequently package and sell the receivables from all of the timeshare contracts they’ve
accumulated. Developers use this strategy of selling receivables from contracts to raise more

For those reasons, developers fight to keep timeshare contracts valid.

Unfortunately for developers, when sales reps manipulated people with fraudulent
misrepresentations, the contracts may lose their validity. At Resort Advisory Group, we assist
people who want to cancel timeshare contracts. And we have a proprietary process that has
proven successful.

It isn’t easy to cancel timeshare contracts. But contact Resort Advisory Group today for a free
consultation and we will share our process with you. Call 1-844-493-5922.