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As stated in the “Laws” section of our website, people have options if they purchased
a timeshare under false pretenses. Sometimes, canceling the timeshare contract can
prove difficult, but it’s not impossible. The law is on the side of consumers whenever
fraud or misrepresentation played a role in a transaction.

People who act quickly may exercise legal rights to cancel a timeshare contract.
According to the NOLO website, state laws provide timeshare owners with the right
to rescind (cancel) the contract within a certain time period. Free information
available throughout our website show some of those laws in each state. In most
states, people who act to cancel the timeshare contract within five to ten days can
cancel the contract if they adhere to the procedures. If the purchaser acts in
accordance with the law, the developer doesn’t have any choice but to cancel the
timeshare contract.

The steps are quite simple for those who act quickly to cancel the timeshare
contract. The buyer simply must notify the seller in writing. If the buyer writes a
letter to the seller indicating that he or she wants to cancel a timeshare contract, and
the buyer acts within the state law’s timeline, the developer must cancel the
contract. Further, the developer must return every penny to the timeshare owner.

Although we’re not lawyers and we don’t provide legal advice, your research will
show exactly what we’ve found: When writing a letter to cancel a timeshare
, buyers should make sure the letter includes the following:
Purchaser’s name as it is written on the contract
Purchaser’s address, phone number, and email address as it is written on the

The name of the timeshare company

The timeshare description, and
The date that the buyer signed the agreement to purchase the timeshare

For example: “I am contacting you within the rescission period in order to cancel
this timeshare contract.” Send the letter by registered or certified mail, with a

If the time period has passed to cancel a timeshare contract, call 1-844-493-5922 to
speak with a specialist who will schedule you for a free consultation to discuss other
options that may lead to the cancelation of your timeshare contract.