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At Resort Advisory Group, we work with people who want to cancel their timeshare contracts.
We could’ve provided those people with enormous value before they attended a timeshare
presentation and signed the contract. But no one can change the past. All we can do is
influence a better future. We do our part by assisting people who feel as though timeshare
sales reps inappropriately manipulated them into signing timeshare contracts with

Many people want to know how much it costs to cancel a timeshare contract. Our team at
Resort Advisory Group cannot answer questions about costs until we know a lot more. Too
many factors influence our costs. We offer a series of free consultations to help us gather a
better idea of the challenges associated with cancelling the contract. Since we guarantee that
the developer will cancel contracts for the clients we serve, we have to be scrupulous about
crafting an effective strategy for each case.

Timeshare developers are frequently multi-million dollar companies. Sometimes they’re multi-
billion dollar companies. They have a vested interest in holding onto contracts because those
contracts provide a steady stream of cash that flows back to the developers. Many developers
bundle all of their receivables into notes, and then sell the notes to investors. They may fight
hard to keep consumers locked into contracts—especially if the consumer has a good credit
score and assets that make it difficult to discharge the timeshare in bankruptcy.

During the free consultations, our specialists document all of the misrepresentations. Those
misrepresentations provide our team with a better understanding of the strength of the case.
Then, we assess the developer and determine what types of challenges our team will face in
persuading the developer to cancel the contract. The more we know, the better we’ll be able to
quote a price on how much it will cost to cancel the timeshare contract.

We may not know the costs at the outset, but if we agree to take the case, we know that we’ll
cut the costs of keeping the timeshare contract.
If you’d like a free consultation, please call 1-844-493-5922 to speak with someone from our
team at Resort Advisory Group.