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Cancelling timeshare contracts since 2011

We are a full-service advocacy group that specializes in exiting timeshare contracts. We are a recognized industry leader and the Better Business Bureau has accredited us with an A+ rating. Our leadership team has more than 50 years of combined experience of working in the timeshare industry. We have a proven track record of persuading developers to resolve timeshare contracts for our clients.

Our Process:

Step 1 - Discovery

Tell us about your timeshare. We need to understand your situation before we can offer guidance.

Step 2 - Review

Our experienced professional staff will review all of the facts, explain available options, and recommend the best course of action.

Step 3 - Action

Once you choose the option that you feel is best for you, we go to work to permanently eliminate the debt and frustration timeshare ownership.

Why use us?

At Resort Advisory Group you have the confidence in knowing that we have a proven track-record of successfully resolving unwanted timeshare contracts quickly and legally. Our experienced team of Advisors and Legal experts have helped us achieve our A+ rating with the BBB.

Resort Advisory Group Testimonals

“They were courteous and understanding.” 

I cannot thank Resort Advisory Group enough for working diligently to get me and my daughter out of our timeshare obligation. They were courteous and so very understanding of our situation. I would say to anyone who is trapped in a timeshare, to contact Resort Advisory Group for guidance. You will be glad that you did. A Jewel.

– Ruby W.

“Resort Group made it happen!”

“After reading an article in the AARP monthly, I realized how badly we’d been burned. When we purchased the timeshare, we really thought we were making a real estate transaction that would benefit our family. The sales person made it sound wonderful, explaining the tax depreciation that real estate investors received. He also said that we would be able to write off our interest payments. My husband and I trusted him. But the AARP article made it clear that timeshare was the worst type of purchase for retired people. Thankfully, Resort Advisory Group canceled our contract. We’re glad that we don’t have this problem on our hands, and we’re glad that we won’t be passing along the problem of a timeshare along to our children. Now that the developer cancelled our timeshare contract, we’re happy write this endorsement for Resort Advisory Group.”

- Jane (Sonoma)

“They did what they said they would!” 

I didn’t want to inherit my parents timeshares (it’s really a debt/expense to own) I told this nicely to my parents and Resort Advisory Group got it taken care of exactly like they said they would. My parents are very happy and so am I, thank you!!! You can trust these people, they know what they are doing.

– Francis H.

“They really cared about me.”

“Resort Advisory Group was very friendly, prompt and helpful through the entire process in helping me be freed from the debts of a timeshare in Hawaii that I was high pressured into purchasing and given promises that were not kept. It turned into a very stressful debt and became very frustrating when I couldn’t book in the places I wanted because I needed more points to have priority in making reservations. Resort Advisory Group constantly kept me informed of what was happening through phone calls and emails. They gave me point of contacts to reach if I had questions, which then was quickly answered. I felt like they cared about my situation and took time to make sure I was satisfied. I am very happy with the results, the process, and the people I dealt with during the cancellation of my contract and now I no longer have that debt in my name or on my credit report. Thank you Resort Advisory Group.”

- Tiffany B

“Resort Advisory Group actually delivered . . .”

Resort Advisory Group actually delivered what they said they would do. I am so glad that they fought and won my case. The resort I was contracted with was big and bad, therefore you had to get a company like Resort Advisory Group to match them with everything necessary to fight and snatch you out of their grip. I am so glad I AM FREE!!!

- Erma

“If you give them a chance, you will not be disappointed.”

“When I finally came to my senses and realized the mistake I had made in purchasing a timeshare, it was too late to get out of the contract. Every time I thought about it, it upset me to know I was going to be trapped in this situation for years to come, specifically having to pay high annual maintenance fees every year. As time went on, I began hearing commercials and reading advertisements on the internet about companies claiming they could get me out of my timeshare contract. I knew there were a lot of scams out there, but I decided to take a chance on Resort Advisory Group. When they tell you how much it will cost to get you out, it might seem like a lot, but believe me when I tell you that this amount is a fraction of what you will pay over the years in maintenance fees. Whether I was speaking to someone at the attorney’s office assigned to my case, or a representative of Resort Advisory Group , everyone was always very friendly and helpful, and always accessible if I had a question. It took a few months, but when I got the call informing me my timeshare was cancelled, it was a huge relief. I am proof that Resort Advisory Group is a company you can trust. If you give them a chance, you will not be disappointed.”

– Douglas & Cynthia