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At Resort Advisory Group, the best way we can help people from becoming
customers would be to help people understand one simple lesson: If you don’t want
to cancel a timeshare, don’t buy a timeshare.
Five tips to ensure you’ll never need to retain Resort Advisory Group or a team of
other attorneys and specialists to help you cancel a timeshare contract:

  • If you receive a pamphlet or flyer in the mail offering a free mini vacation,
    free lunch, or free something in exchange for attending a presentation: Don’t
    attend the timeshare presentation. Too many people who want to cancel
    timeshare contracts tell our team how they were induced to attend a
    presentation. While at the presentation, with their defenses down, they
    signed a contract that put them into debt. Don’t allow a manipulative sales
    process to put you into debt.
  • Understand that a timeshare is not a piece of real estate you own. Some of the
    people wanting to cancel timeshare contracts contact our team with stories
    about how they were led to believe that owning the timeshare was
    equivalent to making a real estate investment. Not true. Timeshares do not
    appreciate in value.
  •  Understand the different types of timeshare options. Some timeshares offer
    opportunities to access a unit during a given time period each year. Other
    types of timeshares offer points that owners can redeem in different resorts.
    People who want to cancel a timeshare sometimes describe that they didn’t
    understand their purchase would come with limitations.
  • Don’t consider a timeshare an investment. Regardless of what a timeshare
    sales person says during the presentation, never purchase a timeshare with
    expectations that your timeshare will appreciate in value. Many people who
    want to cancel a timeshare contract express frustration because they
    overpaid; they could purchase the same timeshare on the Internet for
  • Don’t consider purchasing a timeshare if you need financing. Many people
    wanting to cancel timeshare contracts lose financial stability because of the
    extortionate interest rates. Avoid financing timeshares at all costs.

On the other hand, if you purchased a timeshare and found that you didn’t receive
what you expected, or you realized that you signed the contract under fraudulent
misrepresentations, contact Resort Advisory Group at 1-844-493-5922. Our
specialists are standing by to provide a free consultation.