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Elder Abuse and Timeshare
Unscrupulous, unethical, and sometimes fraudulent sales tactics victimized many people that
attended timeshare sales presentations. When salespeople manipulated senior citizens into
signing contracts that they didn’t understand, they’re engaging in a form of elder abuse.

Our representatives routinely speak with people who’ve attended timeshare presentations and
they’ve noticed patterns. It seems that lying to elderly people who lived on fixed incomes
seemed to be regular practice in timeshare sales presentations. Senior citizens can be ripe for
abuse with all types of financial fraud. After all, many of those people have well established
credit and can easily qualify for mortgages on timeshare purchases.

But that doesn’t make marketing to senior citizens right.

Financial abuse of elders costs victims an estimated $2.6 billion a year. Victims can see their life
savings depleted and they don’t see many opportunities to recover from the financial setback.
When speaking with owners who want to cancel their timeshare contracts, our representatives
hear from many people who suffered because of misrepresentations. They didn’t only
financially, but also emotionally. Their suffering leads them to become fearful, to develop
health issues, to become depressed.

Fortunately, consumer laws can protect people who’ve been victimized by fraudulent sales
tactics. At Resort Advisory Group, we offer 100% free consultations to anyone who believes
that they’ve been manipulated into purchasing a timeshare. If you feel that you’ve been abused
by an unethical or fraudulent sales presentation, then call our team at 1-844-493-5992. Our
specialists and analysts will listen to your story. They’ll want to know everything you can share
about your experience of buying a timeshare.

If you’ve been a victim of an unethical sales tactic, we will put our team to work. If the
developer doesn’t cancel your timeshare contract, you will receive a full refund for the service
that Resort Advisory Group Provides.