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The timeshare industry suffers from a bad reputation. It isn’t the resorts. Many
timeshare resorts offer incredible amenities that vacationers enjoy. Yet some of the
salespeople that sell timeshares mislead consumers. Those misrepresentations give
the industry a bad name.

At Resort Advisory Group, our team helps people who based their purchase
decisions on misrepresentations.

A misrepresentation is a six-syllable word, but it’s synonymous with a better-
known, one-syllable word: A lie.

When timeshare salespeople knowingly mislead people into purchasing, they can
cause irreparable damages. Timeshare contracts can obligate owners into paying
hundreds of thousands of dollars over time. Developers frequently finance those
debts at extortionately high interest rates. Some timeshares are actually recorded,
deeded pieces of real estate, held in fee-simple titles. Such timeshares may become a
part of the owner’s estate. As such, the owner’s heirs may be liable for ongoing
liabilities and payments associated with the timeshare.

For those reasons, many states require timeshare salespeople to pass licensing
exams as realtors. Licensed professionals may be less inclined to mislead or
manipulate people into purchasing timeshares that they don’t fully understand.
If you feel as if you’ve been manipulated into purchasing a timeshare, then perhaps
you should contact our team at Resort Advisory Group. Our team offers free
consultations to assist people who purchased timeshares under fraudulent

Since we guarantee that developers will cancel timeshare contracts for our clients,
we have to be very cautious when agreeing to work with clients. We can only work
with clients who can document the misrepresentations or lies. You can participate
in the free consultation without any obligation to retain us. Once we listen to those
misrepresentations, we will assess the various options available. If our team is
convinced that the developer will cancel your timeshare contract, we’ll enter into an
agreement and begin our work. If the developer doesn’t cancel your timeshare and
obligation within the time period specified in the service agreement, then our team
will provide a full refund.

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