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Our team at Resort Advisory Group specializes in assisting people that want to
cancel timeshare contracts. Since we offer a 100% money-back guarantee, we have
to be careful about the clients we choose to accept. We can only work with people
who have valid reasons to cancel their timeshare contracts.

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When we’re evaluating timeshare contracts, we look for a number of factors. One of
those factors is changed financial conditions.

Many people who contact us reveal that they purchased their timeshare contract
during a heightened emotional state. Perhaps they received an invitation to attend a
presentation in exchange for a free gift. The invitation may have coincided at the
same time the individual received a financial windfall. Timeshare developers use
every type of marketing technique to attract people when their defenses are down
and when they’re vulnerable to buying.

  • Timeshare developers may send flyers that promise free gifts.
  • Timeshare developers may lure vacationers into presentations with
    promises that they do not keep.
  • Timeshare developers may misrepresent what the timeshare offers.
  • Timeshare developers may omit key facts that would have influenced the
    buying decision.

Unfortunately, many people feel victimized or manipulated by the timeshare
developer. They signed the contract without thinking through the details or fine
print in the contract.

As months passed, the buyers may realize they made a big mistake. With escalating
bills associated with the timeshare purchase, they it becomes clear that they cannot
afford the timeshare.

When clients find that their financial condition has changed and they want to cancel
their timeshare contract, we strive to learn more. We want to know what percentage
of household income is going to the timeshare developer. When we show that our
clients are being preyed upon by predatory lending practices, we help developers
understand why they should cancel the timeshare contract for our clients.

If you’re financial conditions have changed and you need to cancel your timeshare
contract, visit ResortAg.com or call us at 1-844-493-5922. We may be able to help

We specialize in assisting people who want to cancel timeshare obligations.