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Our experts at Resort Advisory Group have witnessed changes in the timeshare
industry, particularly over the past several years. In the past, people enjoyed
timeshares for a number of reasons.

Timeshare ownership brought the family together.
Timeshare ownership resulted in people making conscious decisions to vacation
Timeshare ownership provided great accommodations for family vacations.

Recent years brought considerable consolidation in the timeshare industry. That
was a great change for investors in the corporations that went into a timeshare. It
wasn’t so good for timeshare owners.

Major hotel brands and publicly traded corporations recognized that huge profits
existed by selling individual units 50 separate times. Those big corporate entities
began using their financial strength to purchase resorts from founders.

Those consolidations changed the industry.

At Resort Advisory Group, we let our clients know that we’re not “timeshare haters.”
In fact, many of the people who work on our team come from the timeshare
industry. But our people worked in timeshare long before the consolidation, when
corporate policies took the fun out of a timeshare.

Owners that want to cancel timeshares let us know how the obligations have
become too burdensome. Instead of helping people enjoy their timeshares,
corporations behind the timeshares concentrate on profits.

People want to cancel timeshares because they’re tied of being harassed for
upgrades by timeshare developers.
People want to cancel timeshares because the timeshare isn’t ever available when
they want to use it.
People want to cancel timeshares because they did not anticipate that maintenance
fees would rise so drastically.

If corporations took care of people who wanted to enjoy timeshares, there wouldn’t
be any need for our service. Yet when people begin to feel abused by the timeshare
industry, the entire idea of a timeshare becomes distasteful. That is when people
want to cancel.

Again, we’re not timeshare haters. We serve people who suffered because of
unethical sales practices, people who suffered because of misrepresentations, and
people who want to cancel timeshares for other reasons. If you want to get out of

your timeshare contract, please contact our team at Resort Advisory Group for a
free consultation: 1-844-493-5992.