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The New York Times reported that an investor group will pay more than $2 billion to purchase a
well-known timeshare developer. Unfortunately, when new investors take over timeshare
developments, consumers suffer.

At Resort Advisory Group, our team hears complaints from many consumers. They’re tired of
the misrepresentations and they’re tired of the developers taking advantage of owners.

Sales reps are notorious for making misrepresentations and using manipulative sales
techniques. Despite misrepresentations during the sales process, the New York Times reported
that timeshare developers defend their hardcore sales practices. Those developers seem
unmoved by complaints that the Better Business Bureau publishes from timeshare owners.
Consumers are frustrated and angered because of the way policies changed whenever new
investors took over developers. Other websites feature articles where people complained
about being held hostage by timeshare developers.

Abuses become worse when investors take over developments. The new investors will want to
extract more profits. Some of the ways they earn higher profits is by demanding higher
maintenance fees from the timeshare owners, and another strategy is to push owners into
more upgrades. Developers sell those upgrades at high rates, and they charge extortionate
interest rates. Regardless of what the sales rep said during the initial presentation, when new
investors take over developments, changes are inevitable. Those changes may violate terms
that the rep promised at the time of sale.

Our team at Resort Advisory Group serves as a resource for timeshare owners. We can’t help
everyone, but we offer everyone that contacts us a free consultation. By listening to the
misrepresentations, we’re able to assess options. If the misrepresentations rise to the level of
fraud, our team of attorneys can take action. They can make compelling cases to persuade the
developer to cancel the timeshare contracts.

Don’t allow yourself to be victimized by changes in the timeshare industry. If you want to cancel
your timeshare contract, call 1-844-493-5992 for your free consultation. If the developer
doesn’t cancel your contract, you won’t pay a penny for our services.