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Cancelling the Timeshare Obligation

At Resort Advisory Group, we’re in the business of helping people when they want to cancel
timeshare contracts. Many reasons may influence people’s decisions to cancel a timeshare
obligation. Unfortunately, people sometimes want to exit timeshare obligations because of
changes in family or financial circumstances. Regardless of the reason that an owner wants to
cancel, during our free consultations, the Resort Advisory Group will focus on
misrepresentations during the sales process.

We understand that people purchase timeshares when their defenses are down. They may be
attending a presentation while they’re on vacation. They may attend a presentation because
they received an offer for a supposedly free gift. They may have been manipulated into
upgrading a timeshare, spending more money to purchase more “timeshare” than they need.

When circumstances change, they realize that the timeshare isn’t meeting expectations. Each
month, the timeshare developer or a finance company debits their account for expenses
related to the timeshare. They see payments going out to pay down a mortgage. They see funds
being wasted on maintenance fees. They get calls from a developer that wants to pressure the
owner into purchasing something new.

The expenses become burdensome.

Owners that want to avoid those timeshare expenses, for whatever reason, should contact our
team for a free consultation. Although owners may not know or understand how the rules
associated with timeshare sales, our team at Resort Advisory Group understands those rules
thoroughly. As shown through another section of our website, each state has a series of laws
that pertain to timeshare sales. When developers fail to adhere to those state laws, they may
be violating the rights of consumers.

People who speak with our specialists at Resort Advisory Group can expect friendly, courteous
service. We’re ask a series of questions to determine whether the timeshare developer
complied with all consumer-protection laws. That free consultation will give us insight into the
misrepresentations and help our team determine whether we can work together to satisfy your
desire to cancel your timeshare contract or obligation to the developer.

Call Resort Advisory Group today for a free consultation: 1-844-493-5992.