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Canceling your timeshare contract should not be that difficult. For over a decade we have been canceling timeshare contracts and we want to cancel yours.

Canceling your timeshare is a miserable task…

After months of negotiation you’re usually left with a bunch of legal fees and a timeshare you do not want.

If you’re really lucky and your contract is cancelled and your bank balance gets a whole lot bigger… then consider yourself lucky and part of the few.

After going through it way too many times ourselves, we started Resort Advisory Group to become the Timeshare exit team we wish we could have.

That means we cancel the contract quickly and the right way. .

Take our quiz to see if you qualify. 

We will resolve your timeshare contract.  Millions in canceled contracts since 2011. Get started by starting the quiz.

It worked out well for these people

“My husband and I were sure that we were “stuck” with our timeshare. Needless to say RAG took over and gave us the constant encouragement to help us stay strong while they worked their magic. It’s not instant but they call, send emails and stay in touch with you at least every ten days. They fight for your like it was their money. Thank you my friends for rescuing our retirement. I want to make a trip to California to meet these people in person. We thank you from the bottom of our heart.”

“We appreciate your efforts to guide us through the entire process of canceling our developer contract. After the relentless pressure from the timeshare developer, we welcomed your honesty and integrity. We felt skeptical that anyone could save us. Your team of professionals eliminated our stress, our debt, and allowed us to enjoy vacations again. Thank you!”

“I must say that these people are wonderful!! They came to our rescue after being tricked and trapped in a developer contract. Bonnie or Aurora called and emailed us faithfully every week until this nightmare was over. They even called to wish us Happy Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas!! I understand that these people do this for a paycheck, but they have a heart of gold doing it. If these people are willing to help and you need it, I highly recommend that you meet with these people.”

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