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Attorneys and Timeshare

At Resort Advisory Group, we interact with hundreds of people who want to cancel their
timeshare contracts.  Before those people get to know the specialists that build careers
with our firm, they want to know why we can succeed in helping them. Some of those
people have spoken with attorneys who told them the contracts were binding.

When clients have worked with attorneys in an effort to cancel the timeshare contract,
they may have reservations. Interactions they’ve had with their business attorneys in the
past have left them skeptical.

Some people that showed their timeshare contracts to business, civil, or transactional
attorneys received disappointing news. The attorneys looked through the many pages
of the timeshare contract, pointing out all of the subheadings and clauses. They show
all of the places in the contract where the buyer signed and initialed. On the surface,
such signs would suggest that the owner entered into a binding contract.

At Resort Advisory Group, our team does a much more thorough job than attorneys who
skim through pages of contract. Developers create elaborate contracts because they
want them to appear as solid as if they were etched in stone. Yet words on a page do
not make a contract binding. Our team knows how to dig deeper.

We’re successful at our craft because of the depth and breadth of our knowledge.
Rather than simply viewing the documents from the lens of a contract attorney, we go
much deeper. During our free consultations, our specialists will ask a series of
questions to understand the ways that the timeshare developer actually pitched the

State laws have strict requirements when it comes to selling timeshares. When
developers fail to comply with those requirements, they may be inducing people to sign
the contracts while relying upon fraudulent misrepresentations.

Regardless of how elaborate a contract may be, if a developer used fraudulent
misrepresentations to pitch the sale and induce a client to buy, our team can persuade
the developer to cancel the contract. We’re so confident, we offer free consultations to
determine whether we can work together. We can’t take every case—only cases where
we can document the misrepresentations. When we do take a case, we offer a 100%
money-back guarantee.

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