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AirBnB and Timeshare Cancellation

With the rise of the Airbnb concept, our team at Resort Advisory Group questions
whether more timeshare owners will want to cancel their contracts. For people who
were manipulated into signing timeshare agreements under false pretenses, cancelling
the timeshare contract makes sense. After all, people who want to enjoy vacations
would find more flexibility using the Airbnb option.

Like Airbnb, the timeshare industry had beginnings as a disruptive concept. Back in the
early 1970s, real estate markets were changing. Real estate developers speculated by
building a glut of condominiums. Then our nation’s economy changed. High interest
rates and soaring energy costs resulted in higher unemployment rates and fewer people
being able to qualify for mortgages. Those changes complicated developers’ efforts to
sell condominiums. The developers responded by selling weekly access to the
condominiums for vacationers, giving birth to the timeshare industry. With legislation
that allowed developers to sell access to their condominiums in 50 separate 1-week
blocks, developers grew the timeshare industry.

The growing timeshare industry attracted a new breed of sales agent. With a potential
for massive commission earnings from the high-volume sales, people with questionable
ethics moved into timeshare. When timeshare sales reps manipulated people with lies
or fraudulent misrepresentations, they damaged the industry. The industry continues to
struggle with a bad reputation to this day, more than 50 years since developers began
selling timeshares.

The concept of Airbnb differs. Rather than shady practices, Airbnb operates completely
transparently. The innovative company presents a marketplace for consumers who want
to enjoy vacations. Instead of being trapped into complicated timeshare real estate
contracts, Airbnb offers complete flexibility.

Unlike timeshares, Airbnb doesn’t obligate buyers to spend tens of thousands of dollars
and to incur maintenance fees that escalate each year, Airbnb allows consumers to
choose properties that suit their needs at any given time. Further, with Airbnb,
consumers don’t have to pay for anything other than what they use and they can access
the real estate for the specific time that they want to vacation.

At Resort Advisory Group, our specialists stand ready to assist people who purchased
timeshares under fraudulent misrepresentations. If you’re trapped in a timeshare
contract that doesn’t make sense, contact us today for a free consultation: 1-844-493-
5922. If we agree to work together and the developer doesn’t cancel your timeshare
contract, Resort Advisory Group will refund any fees you paid for our services.