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Howard Nusbaum serves as president and chief executive officer of the American
Resort Development Association, (ARDA). It’s an industry trade group that serves the
hospitality industry, including timeshare developers.  While building an industry that
generates more than $8 billion in revenues (and growing), timeshare developers rely
upon ARDA to control the messaging and to influence legislation that serves their

At Resort Advisory Group, we’re on the other side of the spectrum. Rather than striving
to bring more profits to timeshare developers, we serve as an advocacy group. We
focus exclusively on helping people who purchased timeshares under false pretenses.

Timeshares provide a steady stream of profits for the timeshare industry. With ARDA’s
help, laws make it possible for developers to sell each timeshare unit 50 times during a
given year. ARDA indicates that the average timeshare costs about $20,000.

If we used that “average” number, we can see why timeshare is so profitable for the
industry. A single condominium would generate revenues through 50 (timeshare units)
sales at $20,000 each brings revenues of $1,000,000 for an average timeshare

In addition to those total revenues from sales, the unit would generate maintenance
fees that average $800 per year. That amounts to an additional $40,000 in annual fees.

Multiply those numbers by hundreds of timeshare units at a given resort and it’s easy to
see why developers love the timeshare industry.

Our team at Resort Advisory Group, on the other hand, sees the flipside.  Our team
listens to elderly people who tell us stories about misrepresentations and high-pressure
sales tactics. Our customers describe how they felt preyed upon. First they were lured
into presentations by overzealous timeshare sales reps that manipulated our clients into
signing contracts that they did not understand. Customers talk about how they want to
cancel timeshare contracts because the developer did not deliver what the timeshare
sales rep promised during the presentation.

If you want to cancel a timeshare contract, call us for a free consultation. We’ll listen to
your story. Although you signed a contract, opportunities may exist for you to cancel the
obligation. If our team agrees to accept your case, and the developer does not cancel
your timeshare contract, our policy and service agreements provide that you will receive
a 100% refund for any fees that you paid Resort Advisory Group.